Bethesda House Employment Opportunities
Although Covid-19 has required us to furlough our staff and volunteers, we are planning for the future. We are looking for one or more individuals to fill Evening and Weekend Advocate positions. See the descriptions below and, if interested, contact us for more information!  

Job Description

Bethesda House, located in Covington County, Alabama, is a small shelter and home for women who are escaping domestic violence. We are seeking one or more competent, energetic, and passionate females who share our vision of creating a healthier community by providing trauma/advocacy-based, victim-centered services for survivors and their children.

 The following roles can be taken on by one or more individuals:

Evening Advocate

·        Hours are from 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM Tuesday through Friday (or one evening during the week). Compensation is $8.50 an hour to start. 

Weekend Advocate

·        Hours are from Friday at 6:00 PM through Sunday at 6:00 PM. Compensation is $125 per weekend, two weekends  per month. 

 Responsibilities for both roles

Program, Policies, Procedures

-         When in the house, support and consistently apply the program elements, policies, and procedures for all who live in Bethesda House for the purpose of ensuring safety, security, and harmony.

-         Work with the Executive Director for policy adjustments when needed.

-         Consistently maintain staff communication procedures

-         Assist volunteers or other staff members in implementing at least one fun/meaningful activity during the weekends - Weekend Advocate(s).

Staff Relations

-         Work collaboratively with all Bethesda House employees and volunteers as needed during the shift.

Resident Relations

-         Assist with resident transportation as needed during shifts, with mileage reimbursement.

-         Assist residents, as needed, with the evening meal preparation and clean up during shifts.

-         Minimally supervise technology use in the house. 

Attributes, Knowledge, Credentials, and Experience


-         Compassion for all and a passion for working with victims of domestic violence and their advocates.

-         Working knowledge of domestic violence issues and current trends in addressing DV and intimate partner violence in the US.

-         Excellent interpersonal communication skills.

-         The ability to work with women and children who have experienced severe trauma without judgment or unrealistic expectations.

-         The ability to navigate and positively engage a wide range of personalities and cultures, showing respect for all concerned.

-         An ability to work with sensitive information, using discretion for the safety and security of residents and staff members.

-         The ability to demonstrate flexibility and maintain a positive attitude.

-         Enjoy working within a home environment.


-         A two to four- year degree in a relevant human services program.

-         Experience working in a shelter or crisis facility or significant experience working within a trauma-related environment.

 NOTE: State and federal background checks are required for all Bethesda House staff members.

If interested, please send a letter of introduction, resume' and three professional references via email: