About Bethesda  House...

Bethesda House Mission Statement

The mission of Bethesda House is to provide a safe, trauma-based, victim-centered environment for women and children who are escaping violence of all kinds. Further, we endeavor to promote and preserve healthy, non-abusive interpersonal relationships through intervention, prevention, and education in the hope of empowering families and individuals to engage in healthy ways of being and end  violence in our community. 

What's in a name? 

The name,  Bethesda House, is intentional, as Bethesda means "place of mercy and healing." Such is the hope of this organization - that women who suffer from the trauma of violence will have a safe place to heal and become able to live responsibly and sustainably, without the fear of abuse, exploitation, or the power of others over them.


We believe in the dignity and equality of every human being. Therefore, all people should be valued and empowered to live free of the fear of violence in their homes. To this end, we strive to address all forms of oppression and discrimination in Covington County, Alabama and the surrounding area in order to support a safe and thriving community. This philosophy specifically informs our intention to pour out love on our residents, so that they can heal, and ultimately thrive.

The Purple Lotus
The Purple Lotus is significant for us. Purple is the color of domestic violence and the lotus is a flower which blooms after emerging from mud. We think that this symbolizes those we serve, as they are all deserving of a beautiful life, no matter how much trauma has been endured. Our biggest fundraising efforts are called “Purple Lotus” events.